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Dr. Cito and Dr. Mike along with our staff are expertly trained and certified to treat our patients with complex medical histories as well as patients with special needs. We can offer specialized care for patients that might require a more intimate dental experience. Regular dental cleanings and exams can be an uneasy time for our patients, but also for the patient’s family or caregiver. At Albuquerque Pediatric Dental Associates this is where we will excel and provide the best possible treatment in a safe and friendly manner. We are extremely dedicated to our patients regardless of their development or other health care needs. Our experience and knowledge in these fields is what sets our practice apart from many other practices in the Albuquerque area.

At Albuquerque Pediatric Dental Associates we can care for patients in many different ways, whether it is in the traditional dental setting or in a hospital setting while the patients are asleep under general anesthesia. We can offer exceptional care for patients that may not be able to receive treatment in a traditional office setting. We will diagnose and develop what we believe is the best possible treatment plan based on the unique need or needs of individual patients. If you decide to make us your full time dental provider our staff and dentists will work with our patients to not only prevent dental carries, but also provide a positive dental experience for our patients. Dr. Cito and Dr. Mike have received advanced training in the field of Pediatric Dentistry to properly treat patients with a diverse array of medical conditions. Some of these conditions may include but are not limited to only these conditions:

Dr. Cito, Dr. Mike, and our team are dedicated and willing to serve the many different patients across New Mexico. Please be assured that our office will provide the best treatment in a positive, kind, and gentle manner which is what all of our patients deserve.